lunedì 27 gennaio 2020

Un altro articolo sull'AD di Picinisco (Lazio)

Un altro articolo sulla famiglia Di Ciacca e l’avventura dell’albergo diffuso Sotto le Stelle a Picinisco, nel Lazio.
A short drive away, the family’s albergo diffuso – or “scattered hotel” – is helping to revive Picinisco’s fortunes. Named Sotto le Stelle (Under the Stars), it’s an eco-friendly boutique hotel built in a former bishop’s palace in the heart of the village’s walls. Featuring one, two and three-bedroomed suites, there are private balconies and terraces offering guests a breathtaking view over the valley.
The alberghi diffusi concept came to life in Italy in the early 1980s, developed with a view to helping revive small, historic villages away from the usual tourist traps. Sotto le Stelle has helped Picinisco’s regeneration and has been followed by the reopening of La Crema di Berenice, a wonderful ice-cream parlour first opened in 1946, which specialises in traditional methods using just sugar, eggs and cream.

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