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Lodging in Italy: Try an Albergo Diffuso

The albergo diffuso is a “diffuse hotel”, a new style of hotel where the facilities are spread out over several locations. When lodging in Italy you want to find options that are affordable, but also enable you to have a unique Italy experience. Check-in may be in one building and the hotel restaurant in another, with guest rooms spread among the village. The alberghi diffuso trend is usually in small towns is beginning taking hold as a way to both repurpose old structures and revitalize old towns. Staying in an alberghi diffuso provides a unique experience and the opportunity for a visitor to truly live among villagers. The National Association of Alberghi Diffuso offers a good website to find the perfect alberghi diffuso for you.
The alberghi diffuso of Forgaria Monte Prat is in the far northeast corner of Italy and contains 81 beds spread out over 19 charmingly rustic houses, the oldest of which is over 200 years old. The houses are spread throughout several small towns on the Mont Prat plateau surrounded by lush natural beauty.  Mountain biking, hiking, and fishing are popular nearby activities and the Alberghi will arrange guided tours of local archeological sites or a tour of the medieval village.
Locorotondo, in the top of Italy’s “heel” on the southeast coast, offers spectacular scenery, pristine beaches, historic towns and fascinating ruins within a short drive from town. Sotto le Cummerse provides several whimsically decorated, fully appointed rooms spread throughout the labyrinthine walls of the old village, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Italy.
Val di Cam alberghi diffuso offers accommodations spread throughout the inland hilltop town of Sant’Angelo Muxaro in Sicily. Rooms are scattered on the narrow lanes of the town or sprinkled at the base of the hill for a more private experience. Breakfast is served daily and Val di Cam will also organize tours and activities, such as, a journey into a nearby cave, a visit to an ancient necropolis, or a visit to a local farm or craft market.
The majority of Italy’s Alberghi Diffuso are located among the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany and Umbria. A short drive southeast of Florence in Raggiolo, il Borgo dei Corsi offers 1-3 room apartments that have been renovated to feature modern amenities while still maintaining a traditional Tuscan look. The rooms, swimming pool, and restaurant are spread around the well-preserved town.
Written by Katie Hammel

Le immagini sono dell'AD in dimora d'epoca Castelo di Proceno, a Proceno (Viterbo)

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