martedì 24 luglio 2012

Italian Ghost Towns Lead to Dispersed Hotel Concepts

It can be hard to find the bright spot in the wake of a natural disaster. Destroyed homes generally force families to move on. In Friuli, one Italian man moved in.

The mountainous area near the Alpine border with Switzerland doesn’t see a lot of travelers, less so since an earthquake leveled houses in the area. Giancarlo Dall’Ara saw the ghost towns created and thought he could use the ruins for a new vacation idea, according to thNew York Times.
He decided to create an albergo diffuso, or “scattered hotel.” Rather than create a new building, rooms are made available in homes that have fell into disuse as families moved away. There is still a central area for the hotel to manage the needs of travelers but it operates more like a vacation cottage.
Travelers could take advantage of the fact that tourism is still a newfound industry in the Alpine section of Italy, or one of the dozens of similar hotel concepts in the country.
But if the idea of visiting a ghost town piques your interest, you might also take a stop in California. The state has seen its share of military build-up during World War II, and ex-mining towns.
Nella foto la piccola colazione dell'Albergo Diffuso di Scicli in Sicilia

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