martedì 10 gennaio 2012

Alberghi Diffusi, a 'MADE IN ITALY' offbeat Experience

Ecco uno stralcio dell’intervista realizzata da Stefania Fumo per l’ANSA, edizione inglese, apparsa oggi. “Dall'Ara's notion is that rooms are scattered in different buildings within the town, but run by a manager working out of a central reception area, who is on hand to answer questions, make recommendations and arrange bookings. The guestrooms are all within walking distance of the concierge and common areas, while traditional meals may be served at a café or delivered to guests' rooms. This allows visitors to imbed themselves in village life, while enjoying all the amenities of a hotel. Scattered hotels, says Dall'Ara, are healthy for the host villages, because they act as social, cultural and economic stimuli”.
(ANSA For Italy)

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